British Alpine Goats


British Alpine Goat
British Alpine Goat


Black And White Goat Facts – British Alpines

British Alpines have a robust look, being all black with white Swiss markings.

This goat breed is popular and is an attractive goat, although the black coat tends to attract flies, especially in wooded country.

The buck has longer and coarser hairs than the doe.

Some goat breeds have a tendency to run to fat, which is not the case of the British Alpine.

In terms of character, they are considered to be independent, mischievous and harder to control than, for example, the Saanen.

British Alpine goats are considered to have originated at the beginning of the 20th century from a single goat.

Sedgmere Faith, as the goat was originally called, was imported from the Paris Zoo in 1903, along with three other black and white does. These other does aren't credited with having much effect on the breed's creation.

The breed was then mixed with British Toggenburgs and other native goats to create what is known today as the British Alpine.

There is little knowledge of genetic origins, other than the above stated facts.

The British Alpine is a dairy goat breed that is capable of high yields of very pleasant tasting milked. In testing recorded on the British Alpine Society's website, the average yields for a 24 hour period was 4.33 kg. The highest yields recorded were roughly 8 kg per day.

British Alpines tend to "run through" very well, which means that they continue producing milk for a second year, without having kidded. A problem that tends to be associated with high milk production is that these goats are not prolific. This means, that they may have trouble producing kids and that they don't reproduce as easily as other breeds.

The British Alpine Society was formed in 1979. It provides newsletters to its members as well as a stud list, an annual breed show, social events and get-togethers and a periodically published handbook.


Felicity McCullough

1st March 2016  

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Milking Your Goats What You Need To Know Guide
Felicity McCullough

Milking Your Goats What You Need To Know Guide


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British Alpine Goat

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