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Goat Housing, Bedding, Fencing, Exercise Yards And Pasture Management Guide
Goat Housing, Bedding, Fencing, Exercise
Yards And Pasture Management Guide

Felicity McCullough

Goat Housing, Bedding, Fencing, Exercise Yards And Pasture Management Guide


How To House Goats

Goat's Water Trough and Straw Bedding
Copyright: Felicity McCullough

Goats do not need much in terms of housing. Really all they need is a shelter from the worst of the wet and the cold. A three sided shelter, which in a pasture or enclosure is perfect for them. They need access to the outdoors as well as indoors, especially for exercise.

Goat Shelter

A shelter can be constructed from scratch or a pre-existing building modified for goat use.


What is important is that there is adequate ventilation and no draughts. The ventilation is vital to prevent the build-up of ammonia from the urine, which can lead to respiratory problems. You can tell when a building has bad ventilation by looking for condensation on the walls due to the heat build-up from the decomposing lower layers of bedding. Proper ventilation is accomplished by having open windows and doors in the building and not shutting everything up.


Draughts can be avoided through the use of high bedding.


Bedding is important to keep the animals warm. In fact, they don't need anything else, not even insulation. They are perfectly equipped to handle winter.


Two excellent choices for bedding are straw and wood shavings. Straw has the added benefit of being able to be eaten as well. Putting straw on top of pallets is an excellent practice, because it gets the goats off the ground and permits manure and urine to pass through the bedding to the floor underneath, thus keeping the bedding cleaner.

You must keep the bedding as dry as possible. Wet or damp bedding can lead to chills and pneumonia. To keep bedding dry, keep the water containers outside to avoid spills. Another tip is to remove wet urine spots and droppings daily. This will help keep the bedding fresh, for as long as possible.

Goat Droppings

From mucking out the shelter, the droppings and the straw can be composted to make humus, which is an excellent fertilizer for vegetables.

Pay attention to the droppings, as they are an indication of the animal's health. Make sure the amount is constant, neither too much, nor too little. Also, that the consistency is constant, being neither too runny, nor too dry, which may indicate dietary problems.


Examine the dung for worm eggs, adult worms, including tapeworm, or roundworms.

Felicity McCullough  
22nd March 2016  

Goat Housing, Bedding, Fencing, Exercise Yards And Pasture Management Guide
Goat Housing, Bedding, Fencing, Exercise
Yards And Pasture Management Guide

Felicity McCullough

Goat Housing, Bedding, Fencing, Exercise Yards And Pasture Management Guide

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