Goat's Teeth


Success Guide For Raising Healthy Goats
Success Guide For Raising Healthy Goats
Felicity McCullough

Success Guide For Raising Healthy Goats


Goat's Mouth And Teeth

Goats have a unique digestive system. They are ruminants, and this means that they have four "stomachs".

The first stomach is called the rumen, which is where the name "ruminant" is derived. The rumen it is basically a fermentation vat where microorganisms break down tough vegetation that other non-ruminants cannot digest.

Yet another unique aspect, is that goats as well as cows and sheep have only lower incisors in the front of their mouths.

Goat's Teeth
Goat's Teeth
Copyright: Felicity McCullough

On the top is a hard pad which is used to mash forage against the lower incisors.

Goats are browsers, which means that their diet is usually varied and consists of tough feed.

Goat’s teeth grow more slowly than sheep.

Similar to horses, teeth can be used to age the goat.

The goat will go through two sets of teeth in their lifetime.

They are born with the first set of deciduous and will be replaced by the second set, which consists of permanent, or adult teeth.

The first set of teeth is replaced in a predictable fashion, starting in the middle and working outward at one a year.

By five years old, all of the front teeth should have been replaced with adult teeth.

After this, diet will slowly wear the teeth down.


Felicity McCullough  
4th March 2016  

Success Guide For Raising Healthy Goats
Success Guide For Raising Healthy Goats
Felicity McCullough
Success Guide For Raising Healthy Goats

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Copyright Felicity McCullough

Angora Goat Horns

Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library. "Angora Goat -- Capra Hircus Var. Angorensis." The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1885.


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