Golden Guernsey Goats


Golden Guernsey Goats

Golden Guernsey Goats
Felicity McCullough


Another Golden Goat – The Golden Guernsey

Golden Guernseys are a rare breed of goat that originates from Guernsey in the Channel Island.

The breed are slightly built with fairly long legs and a straight back.

Their skin and coat colouration, as can be guessed by their name, is golden. The shade of gold can vary and be either long or short.

Their ears are erect and slightly curved at the tip.

Their neck should be slender and without tassels.

As is the case with a few other breeds, there is a British breed of Golden Guernsey which are slightly different than the "pure" Golden Guernsey, usually being heavier-boned and possibly producing more milk depending on breeding.

Golden Guernseys are small milk goats. Although they have only a medium yield, their milk is very creamy and tasty due to the amount of butterfat. Over an average 24 hours the yield is 16 kilos with 3.16% butterfat and 2.81% protein, as recorded by the British Guernsey Goat Society.

As well as this, they have a tendency to consume less food.

In terms of temperament, they are docile and affectionate, making them perfect for pets.

The Golden Guernsey Goats were introduced to England mostly as a result of the efforts of Miss Miriam Milbourne, who began keeping goats in 1937. She started a breeding programme in the 1950s resulting in the breed.

The first imports to England were in 1957 and the Golden Guernsey register was first opened in 1971.

The Golden Guernsey Goat Society was founded in 1959.

Unfortunately, the population of Golden Guernsey’s is limited.

Felicity McCullough  
1st March 2016  

Golden Guernsey Goats

Golden Guernsey Goats
Felicity McCullough

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