Golden Guernsey Goats


Golden Guernsey Goats

Golden Guernsey Goats
Felicity McCullough



Golden Guernsey Goats

Golden Guernsey Goat

Golden Guernsey Goat
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There are a number of goat breeds in existence, some are numerous and others are quite rare. The Golden Guernsey breed is an example of a rare dairy breed.

According to the Golden Guernsey Society, these goats have erect ears that turn up slightly at the tips and a dished, or straight facial line.

The breed is smaller than some other breeds and tend to be fine-boned. This does not mean that they are a delicate breed and even enjoy sleeping outside in the coldest weather.

As the name suggests, they have a golden-coloured long-haired, or short-haired coat, with possibly some white markings.

Sometimes the coat on the short smooth-haired Golden Guernsey is described as being ginger, or ginger-auburn.

Long-haired Golden Guernsey goats can be blonder.

They provide a moderate milk yield of roughly 3.5 pints per day on average, with a normal range between 2 and 6 pints.

The milk fat and protein content is suitable for making yoghurt and cheese.

They are considered excellent options as pets, because they are adaptable to living in a fenced yard, with an adequate shelter.
Stall feeding, or a free range lifestyle are perfect for members of this breed.

They are even-tempered goats, which tends to make little noise, except when they are in season.

One drawback to this rare breed is that it may be difficult to find and obtain goats.

Additionally, there are usually only a few goat kids available at any one time.

What's important is that the goats are purebred and come from healthy stock. The blood line is important.

The breed was first registered in 1922 and originates from Guernsey.

In the United Kingdom, the breed has been developed from goats imported from the Channel Islands.

A breeding programme was begun in 1950 to protect the breed.

Felicity McCullough  
5th March 2016  

Golden Guernsey Goats

Golden Guernsey Goats
Felicity McCullough


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