How To Keep Goats Healthy


How To Keep Goats Healthy
How To Keep Goats Healthy
Felicity McCullough

How To Keep Goats Healthy


What Makes A Healthy Goat


Goats have a reputation of becoming ill very quickly. This means that without much warning, they can become fatally ill.

The way to prevent this is by being vigilant and observational.

Grooming And Inspecting Goats

Daily grooming will make you very familiar with your goat's body.

Regular inspection will also make you aware of any abnormalities as soon as they crop up. The key to keeping goats healthy and happy is regular preventative health care.


Preventative health care includes vaccinations.

Normally the two common diseases that goats are vaccinated against are Clostridium C&D and Tetanus as well as any other diseases that are common in your area.

Discuss with your veterinarian which diseases are relevant for your goat. There is no need to vaccinate for diseases that are not present. Unnecessary vaccinations could put an undue burden on the animal's immune system.


Hooves must be properly taken care of every 4 to 8 weeks. This consists of washing, removal of anything caught in the hoof including dirt, manure and stones. Trimming any excess growth is also essential during your regular inspection.

Hoof Rot can affect all goats, which can cause limping and a decrease in appetite with consequent decrease in production including milk and meat.

If not treated any hoof problems can put pressure on the legs, which can develop into pain and spread all the way to the goat's back.

Worms and Goats

All goats have some type of worm burden.

There are a number of types and species of worms that affect goats. This population must be controlled. If the worm population grows too much, goats will develop a general unhealthy appearance with a bad coat and can even lose body condition.

A faecal worm test will tell you how infested your goats are. In order to address the worm infestation an appropriate de-wormer will need to be applied.

Normally, this is done once or twice a year, as needed.

Felicity McCullough  
1st March 2016  

IHow To Keep Goats Healthy
How To Keep Goats Healthy
Felicity McCullough

How To Keep Goats Healthy


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